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OBAMA - LINCOLN COMPARISON - One freed the slaves, they other enslaved the free

LINCOLN - He knew welfare was a bad idea as well

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EmilioDumphque - November 12, 2012, 12:19 pm
Welfare is for people who "can't" not "won't". Now explain the more expensive concept of corporate welfare.

ALL IN FAVOR OF "GUN CONTROL" - raise your right hand

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vbattaile - September 4, 2012, 8:18 pm
thanks RL
Reality Lord - September 4, 2012, 7:09 pm

wow vic...you just got a 5l from me. more like this. simple...to the point.

A MILLION PEOPLE - attended Obama's inauguration, and how many missed work? Why Work? Vote Democrat Instead. Vote Democrat: It's Easier Than Working

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GrouchoMarxist - September 5, 2012, 12:03 pm
Which policy was that? I'll wait
starryeyedguy - September 5, 2012, 10:37 am
starryeyedguy - September 5, 2012, 10:37 am
Only 14 of them missed word because all the rest had been laid off under Bush's failed policies!

DEMOCRATS ARE RACIST - Democrats: PRO-Slavery. The idea that Democrat Party has led the fight for American civil rights for over 200 years is nothing more than a bald-faced lie.


UNIONS AND DEMOCRATS: - Doing For America What They Did To Detroit. Since when is COMMUNISM progressive? A Welfare State is NOT "progress." End the Obamination. End Welfare: $$hut Down the DEMOCRAT$$!

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starryeyedguy - September 7, 2012, 10:12 am
Interesting choice of visuals to blame Obama. That b&w snapsh** looks to be from the 1960s - we've had a lot of presidents since then, both democrat and republican. FAIL

OBAMA LIED, SOCIALISM THRIVED - Obama Lied, Capitalism Died. Bring Back Prosperity, Bring Back Capitalism. Restore America, Fire Obama. Restore America's Greatness! Vote Republican

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Bull - September 5, 2012, 2:10 pm
Dow Jones*
Bull - September 5, 2012, 2:08 pm
The Gov't shouldn't be able to effect the job markets anyway, isn't that what a free market is? Isn't that what part of the phrase "smaller govt" means?
Bull - September 5, 2012, 2:07 pm
the private sector refers to the stock markets. Check the Doe Jones, NASDAQ, and S&P. They seem to be around the same levels as they were before the near crash. So the wealth is there. You're asking the wrong person about where the jobs are.

HAD ENOUGH OF DEMOCRATS? - Vote Smart This Time!

IF YOU VOTED FOR OBAMA - because he's black, you're a racist.

OBAMA LIED, JOBS DIED - ONCE America had Steve JOBS, Bob HOPE, Johnny CASH. NOW We've got Obama. NO JOBS. NO HOPE. NO CASH.

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Mooooooooooooooooooo - September 7, 2012, 9:11 pm

Hey, Great answer Vic. Some real insight in your words....ugh
vbattaile - September 7, 2012, 8:41 pm
Obama for president of kenya
vbattaile - September 7, 2012, 8:41 pm
Send barry back to Kenya.
vbattaile - September 7, 2012, 8:39 pm
Obummer didn't build ****
vbattaile - September 7, 2012, 8:39 pm
Obumme didn't build ****
Mooooooooooooooooooo - September 5, 2012, 9:27 pm

If Vic cares what voters think, maybe he should stop bashing the president that the majority of Americans voted for. Or does that rule only apply when it comes to your posters?
Reality Lord - September 5, 2012, 8:18 pm

honestly vic....you poster wouldn't be accepted on other sites. cliche, repetative, unimaginative. your buddies voting you up just means they vote you up. your crap is crap. i give you 5L's when you produce something decent. unfortunate...mostly crap.
vbattaile - September 5, 2012, 8:06 pm
Let the votes and voters decide that....
Reality Lord - September 5, 2012, 7:42 pm

dear vic. can you please put some thought into creativity. lame decade old jokes...rehashed cliches line you constantly repe you produce a ton...of crap. slow down. i've actually seen one or two good ones from you. but...mostly crap.

UNEMPLOYMENT - That's the Only Change I've Noticed!

END AFFIRMATIVE ACTION - Start with Elizabeth Warren

CHAIR 2012 - YES WE CHAIR. Chair For President 2012


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Reality Lord - September 5, 2012, 7:55 pm

ny god this is crap. broken english; outdated cliches; tunnel of a previous poster. crapololololola
Reality Lord - September 5, 2012, 7:54 pm

it's like they eject your brains in here. you must obey and follow our rules. they bad ...we good. vote bad people down. i got a better idea...hows about you vote good posters up and ignore the clique alliances
Reality Lord - September 5, 2012, 7:53 pm

voting along partisan lines encourages this guy to continue posting very bad posters. if you give him a 5L it's like saying "god i wish my name was on this" do you really want your name on this dude? would you make this crap? really?

DEAD MEN VOTE DEMOCRATIC - Annoy a Liberal: Remind Them Dead People Can't Vote


NOT RACIST. NOT VIOLENT. NO LONGER SILENT. - Liberals are for Free Speech... As long as you agree with them. Vote Republican - Keep speech free for everybody.

FREE ENTERPRISE IN AMERICA - Keep the Innovation and Ideas Coming!

OBAMASM: WAS IT GOOD FOR YOU? - Are You a Producer or a Parasite? Democrats: Party of Parasites! Socialism: The Policy of Parasites. Socialism: The Choice of Parasites Worldwide. Socialism: The Fatal Parasite On Enlightened Government

WHAT'S OBAMA HIDING? - Obama Lied, Transparency Died. The Obama Decoder 101: Transparency means Secrecy. Hey Obama! Why all the secrets about your past? Release the Records! What do you have to hide?

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vbattaile - September 5, 2012, 8:11 pm
WHO Is Barry Soetoro?? Liberals are miserable hypocrites and liars!!!
Reality Lord - September 5, 2012, 7:44 pm

vic..idea for you. you are allowed to upload posters you find. crop all the crap you added and upload the infomercial.

HEY OBAMA! I BUILT THIS! - Socialism: The utopia of the underachiever. The choice of parasites worldwide. You Make It, They Take It

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vbattaile - September 6, 2012, 4:15 am
Socialism - the choice of parasites. Liberalism - a dangerous mental disease.
vbattaile - September 6, 2012, 4:14 am
Liberals... So full of hate and envy
RONHUSTLEMAN - September 6, 2012, 12:51 am

LINCOLN FACEPALM - "You're seceding why? Over health insurance?! Oh, shoot me now."

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crankyhead - September 1, 2013, 7:32 pm
Cannabal - September 1, 2013, 2:13 pm
No, in actuality, I am StoneTools. I got so bored, I decided to drum up a thread for one of my posters because I'm too lazy to submit a new one.
crankyhead - September 1, 2013, 12:27 pm
Don't lie Cannabal. I'm Vik and arnnatz. You're Groucho and foxrecon. Geez man, keep it together. =)
StoneTools - September 1, 2013, 9:04 am
See, the truth will set you free.
Cannabal - September 1, 2013, 6:47 am
You are absolutely right, I am Renza. I am also Battaile, which explains the string of filthy liberal posts you've been seeing lately.
StoneTools - September 1, 2013, 1:59 am
In other words, as they used to say in the old days, "Don't bogart that joint"
StoneTools - September 1, 2013, 1:58 am
Cannabal, cannabal, cannabal. my comment referring to lame comebacks #58863 was directed to Renza, that's why it says his name at the end of the sentence. Your comeback referred to me calling your comebacks lame ... you say you aren't renza, yet ... ?!?
Cannabal - September 1, 2013, 1:45 am
No, I did not say that. If you could read, you probably would have noticed. By the way, no, weed is not legalized in my state, only decriminalized. Can't have everything, y'know?
StoneTools - August 31, 2013, 8:58 am
are you saying that you are, in fact, renza? Because at the end of the lame statement, I specified Renza. I take it weed is legal in your state?
Cannabal - August 31, 2013, 3:18 am
First you say my comebacks are lame, and now they're too harsh. You're starting to sound like a Democrat, Stony.
StoneTools - August 30, 2013, 9:07 am
That's kind of harsh, don't you think?
StoneTools - August 30, 2013, 8:50 am
wow, that's such an lame attempt at a comeback. You should seek help renza.
Cannabal - August 30, 2013, 3:40 am
Spongebob "g-ay pants." Oh, d***, son, you that was colder than ice, yo.
Cannabal - August 30, 2013, 3:39 am
To quote the former vice president of the 43rd executive administration, Richard Cheney, "Go f*** yourself."
crankyhead - August 29, 2013, 9:33 pm
What second rate online translator are you using that thinks the french word for english is Ingles? The word is 'anglais' as anyone who isn't into trying to misrepresent themselves online would be able to tell you.
Renza - August 29, 2013, 8:38 pm
What are you, french? nobody but the french like the french, and I'm pretty sure its tentative for them. Your statement probably could have been complete if you used punctuation, as is, it's borderline gibberish, and at the least missing a point
StoneTools - August 29, 2013, 8:19 pm
that it's actually getting boring. Pourquoi ne pas prendre un cours de logique quand vous avez fini avec vos Inglês comme un cours de langue seconde?
StoneTools - August 29, 2013, 8:17 pm
Now you've really lost it. I know that you really don't understand english (are you french canadian like cranky?), but my statement was complete and, once again, you've proved how you make a posting which does my job for me. Your idiocy is so easy to show
Renza - August 29, 2013, 7:28 pm
Come on ST, don't make me jingle the keys, remember what we said about completing thoughts?
StoneTools - August 29, 2013, 2:30 pm
I found out where liberals come from: http://science.discovery.com/tv-shows/dark-matters-twisted-but-true/videos/orphans-trained-to-mindlessly-obey.htm
crankyhead - August 29, 2013, 1:03 pm
ST, you want the name of a good ESL teacher? Your grammar is at a second grade level.
StoneTools - August 29, 2013, 10:14 am
The only thing that makes it difficult for me to show how moronic you liberals are is that you do a posting and do it for me.
Renza - August 28, 2013, 8:23 pm
If that's your goal in life ST, I'm sorry to tell you, but you've failed at life, which really shouldn't be possible. So... I guess congratulations on the accomplishment...?
StoneTools - August 28, 2013, 1:45 pm
sorry, I left one off: crankyhead=cannabal=renza=spongebob g**pants
StoneTools - August 28, 2013, 1:37 pm
OTC - August 28, 2013, 1:18 pm
So then it is true, crankyhead=cannabal
crankyhead - August 28, 2013, 12:10 pm
The biggest joke of them all is the one where a guy created many different accounts, so that he can have online conversations with himself, in an attempt to make his opinions appear to have wider support than they do. Knee-slappingly funny stuff.
StoneTools - August 28, 2013, 11:16 am
and my statement was serious. You and cranky are just bad jokes
StoneTools - August 28, 2013, 11:09 am
My goal in life is to make it difficult for morons to put out a message of lies and bull**** (like you and cranky) I think liberals are the bottom of the barrel
Renza - August 28, 2013, 4:14 am
It's honestly unrealistic to take most discussions on the internet all that seriously, all it takes is for 'that guy' to show up with their internet persona that would realistically get them beaten irl, and then things just spiral away.
Renza - August 28, 2013, 4:11 am
If you want to be serious about it, isn't it kinda sad that your hatred of "liberals" (basically whoever disagrees with you) is based primarily on two people, one of which has announced being a troll numerous times?
StoneTools - August 28, 2013, 1:04 am
In all seriousness, I'm glad you and cranky are on this site, it reinforces my dislike for the stupidity of liberals
StoneTools - August 28, 2013, 1:01 am
You still can't comprehend a complete paragraph or sentence I see. Good for you, it gives you something to look forward to learning in your English as a Second Language class
Renza - August 28, 2013, 12:51 am
Well of course, when the multi syllable words begin confusing you, we need to do something to hold your attention, jingling those shiny keys just happens to be a somewhat effective method, otherwise you instantly go back to your go-to talking points
StoneTools - August 28, 2013, 12:30 am
spewing the MSLSD and media splatters lie of the day
StoneTools - August 28, 2013, 12:30 am
having a discussion with either you or cranky is where the need for single syllables comes in handy. Otherwise, you two just do the "ooooo shiney" thing and think you've actually convinced anyone that you are capable of rational thought rather than just
Renza - August 27, 2013, 9:06 pm
Exactly, why should conservatives actually complete their thoughts, using words with more than 2 syllables is clearly difficult for them, as is the use of commas, I think what he's saying here cannabal, is that our expectations are just way too high.
StoneTools - August 27, 2013, 5:57 pm
why would he, he's having a conversation with liberals, you know the people with ADHD who get lost with words with more than 1 or 2 syllables or sentences that have commas
Cannabal - August 27, 2013, 5:54 pm
Could you be more specific and state a more complete thought?
OTC - August 25, 2013, 5:34 pm
So in your liberal mind, if obamacare hadn't became law, this would still have happened?
OTC - August 25, 2013, 5:30 pm
So in your liberal m
StoneTools - August 25, 2013, 6:19 am
Oh my! You're so right, nobody here ever, EVER, cherry picks their sources, especially you cannabal.
Cannabal - August 25, 2013, 4:45 am
Well, it wouldn't be a free market if you couldn't do that.
Renza - August 25, 2013, 4:29 am
Of course, who doesn't love the free market, it's what gives businesses and organizations the right to discriminate or screw people over without repercussion...
Cannabal - August 24, 2013, 11:38 pm
Facepalm indeed, especially when the PPACA legislation isn't exactly forcing a company like UPS to insure spouses, to which they respond by not insuring spouses since they legally do not have to. Ain't the free marketplace grand?
OTC - August 24, 2013, 11:25 pm
Its not about health insurance, it is a out the government mandate, and i suppose employers shouldn't determine who gets insurance or set the wages and hours either, facepalm indeed.
Cannabal - August 24, 2013, 10:33 pm
By the way, since we're cherry-picking links here, I picked this one out just for you. http://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/blog/2013/08/its-easy-to-blame-obamacare-for-what.html
Cannabal - August 24, 2013, 10:21 pm
See what happens when you let employers determine who gets health insurance and who doesn't?
StoneTools - August 23, 2013, 8:28 am
PapaFox - November 15, 2012, 11:36 pm
Good one, Cannabal! :-D

HIP-HOP - It's what Lincoln would be listening to if he were alive today.

DRILL NOW - Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less! Reduce Our Dependence On Foreign Oil. Build New Refineries. Damn the Left

STOP OBAMA SPEND & TAX - Cut Big Government, Fire Obama. Vote Tea Party 2012. If you're not outraged, you're not paying taxes. Tea Party: Rebelling against taxes since 1773!

THE MORE CORRUPT THE STATE, - the more numerous the laws. House Health Care Bill: 1,990 Pages. Senate Health Care Bill: 2,074 Pages. U.S. Constitution: Art. 1, Sec. 8: 430 Words.

MY MONEY AND MY FREEDOMS - are the most safe when congress is in recess!

RECOVER & RESTORE - Restore America, VOTE CONSERVATIVE! Save America! Vote Romney/Ryan For Economic Recovery! Vote Out Big, Bad Government! Vote Obama Out in 2012! STOP this OBAMA-NATION. Vote November 6, 2012

NORTH DAKOTA - Oil production is booming and unemployment is low

NO FEAR! - "I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it." - Mark Twain

STOP THE MARXIST DESTRUCTION - of America. Still Support Obama? How Stupid Are You? Can You Afford 4 More Years? RESTORE AMERICA, FIRE OBAMA

REAL MEN VOTE CONSERVATIVE - Save America, Vote Republican! Restore America, Vote Conservative! Restore AMERICA'S GREATNESS! Vote Republican

REAL PRESIDENTS DON'T APOLOGIZE - For Their Country. ROMNEY: "We Will Never Apologize For America Again!" THIS TIME, VOTE FOR AN AMERICAN. Vote for a REAL American. Vote Romney 2012.

DUMB CRIMINALS ROB BANKS - Intelligent Ones Setup Banks

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Bull - September 5, 2012, 2:02 pm
Bain Capital is a Boston-headquartered alternative a**et management and financial services company that specializes in private equity, venture capital, credit and public market investments. - hmm.... maybe I'm wrong?
Bull - September 5, 2012, 2:00 pm
Hmm.. isn't Bain Capital an investment bank?
Goatboy - September 5, 2012, 1:40 pm
"A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more money than a hundred men with guns" ~ Mario Puzo

OBAMA WON: AMERICA LOST - Obama Won: Freedom Lost. Correct The Mistake: November 6, 2012. Let's Roll

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arnnatz - September 9, 2012, 7:13 pm
As I've stated previously, you needn't try to explain anything to anyone. Don't try to do something you aren't capable of, like think.
crankyhead - September 9, 2012, 6:55 pm
No kidding. Do I have to start explaining humor to you now as well?
arnnatz - September 9, 2012, 6:51 pm
the problem is that I think that's a female hand, not a male hand
thatmfguy - September 9, 2012, 6:22 pm
LOL I just saw that. That would have been sheer genius.
vbattaile - September 9, 2012, 1:54 am
Barry's a JOKE but he's not funny
crankyhead - September 9, 2012, 12:32 am
This poster would have been a whole lot funnier if you'd made some joke about Navy boys having perfectly manicured fingernails. What a waste.
vbattaile - September 9, 2012, 12:29 am
Send Barry Soetoro back to Kenya
vbattaile - September 8, 2012, 11:51 pm
We shall overcome!
thatmfguy - September 8, 2012, 10:42 pm
The stickers, not your poster.
thatmfguy - September 8, 2012, 10:42 pm
I don't disagree with it, but it seems a tad bit too much.

BARACK OBAMA'S REIGN OF ERROR - SOCIALISM..... Obama's plan to loot America. Support Obama: Support Trickle Up Poverty. American Needs a Rescue Plan from Barack Obama. No Way. No How. NObama!

ISN'T IT HYPOCRITICAL - to favor abortion when you've already been born?

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Bull - September 4, 2012, 10:48 pm
Do you even realize what the world will be like when our population reaches 10 billion? That's way more zombies than I want to have to deal with during the apocalypse.
terroraustralis - September 4, 2012, 10:23 pm
and it wouldnt even be ironic, since the government telling people what they can and cant do with their own bodies and children, is exactly the kind of facism that the republican party claims to want to prevent at all costs.
terroraustralis - September 4, 2012, 10:22 pm
can you imagine growing up, knowing that if not for the government protecting them, their parents would have murdered them? they'd grow up to be a hardcore communist, underacheiving, government loving democrat.
terroraustralis - September 4, 2012, 10:20 pm
anyone stopped to think that if a mother is willing to MURDER HER OWN UNBORN BABY then perhaps she isnt fit to have a child? god would not send an aborted baby to hell, so why are WE sending them there, via parents who would murder them if it was legal?
romneyisatool - September 4, 2012, 9:41 pm
haha. UNITY!
romneyisatool - September 4, 2012, 9:33 pm
Great. Start with yourself. The best protection for women: you practicing abstinence. ;-p
Bull - September 4, 2012, 9:27 pm
cocaine is a helluva drug? I'm Rick James B*tch!!! lol
vbattaile - September 4, 2012, 8:56 pm
THE BEST BIRTH CONTROL.... is Abstinence. If you believe in CHOICE, why don't you CHOOSE not to get pregnant?
vbattaile - September 4, 2012, 7:06 pm
You weren't aborted, were you? Think about that. LIFE MATTERS.
vbattaile - September 4, 2012, 7:00 pm
Abortion isn't an "option". It's MURDER!

LIBERALS KNOW HOW TO CREATE - an economic crisis! Just require banks to make bad loans.. then.. bail them out with your money! Wondering how we got to this point? - Search - Community Reinvestment Act

NO NATION EVER TAXED ITSELF - Into Prosperity. OBAMA: 'OUT OF TOUCH, OUT OF TIME'. Arrogant Snob. Elitist SNOB! Impeach Obama Now! NObama - Elitist, Arrogant, Out of Touch.

JESUS WOULD HAVE BEEN - a Republican. He only asked for 10 percent. The Democrats ask for everything.

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Bull - September 5, 2012, 1:51 pm
they're really good with some mint jelly and a bottle of white wine. You would think red would be better but trust me, white makes the flavor pop.
GrouchoMarxist - September 5, 2012, 12:13 pm
He especially loved chopping up little babies... Wouldn't you agree?
starryeyedguy - September 5, 2012, 10:54 am
Who cares about Jesus? Religion should have no place in politics. However, Jesus was very liberal. It was the religious zealots that wanted to stone the wh*** but Jesus stopped them. Isn't there a church called "bleeding heart of Jesus", or something? LOL

JE SUIS L'ÉTAT. L'ÉTAT, C'EST MOI ! - Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to know a mam's character ,give him power.A.Lincoln.

Comparisons: You're doing it wrong -

CHOOSE CAPITALISM: CHINA DID - Socialism is Not the Answer. Help fight Socialism, don't vote Democrat. Defeat Obama's Socialism. Stamp Out OBAMUNISM. Wipe Out Communism

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Bull - September 6, 2012, 11:37 pm
If you're suggesting the US be more like China then you're a closet socialist and a communist sympathizer.
Bull - September 6, 2012, 11:36 pm
the dominance of state-owned business enterprises. Examples include Corporatized government agencies and states that own controlling shares of publicly listed corporations, effectively acting as a large capitalist and shareholder itself.
Bull - September 6, 2012, 11:36 pm
The term state capitalism is usually described as commercial (profit-seeking) economic activity undertaken by the state with management of the productive forces in a capitalist manner, even if the state is nominally socialist. State capitalism is
Bull - September 6, 2012, 11:35 pm
The Chinese economy is dominated by large, profitable, state owned enterprises. They are a major source of profit and power for members of the Communist Party of China. China's economic system can be defined as a leading examples of state capitalism.
romneyisatool - September 6, 2012, 11:30 pm
(ADMIN EDIT) This comment has been DELETED in violation of site rules. Keep it civil or you will be banned. This is a warning.
SethMythrax - September 6, 2012, 11:28 pm
Im guessin you are saying Bush had no part in this during the beginning of the decade when all the companies jumped ship for China? Seems to me this didnt all happen in the past 4 years so the blame is being misdirected due to pure hate.....
vbattaile - September 6, 2012, 10:55 pm
You made O.B.A.M.A. - ONE BIG a** MISTAKE AMERICA. Correct the mistake Nov 6 2012

2012: IT'S NOT JUST AN ELECTION - it's a restraining order. Debt Ceiling should be a limit, not a goal line! Cut Big Government: Fire Obama. Balance The Budget: Deport Obama!

" THE PLAN PEOPLE, THE PLAN , I SEE THE PLAN !" - You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.


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calron - May 2, 2015, 10:53 pm
Looks like class warfare is even older than I thought.

OBAMA: HOAX AND CHARADE - You Can Believe In. Obama: D'Oh! Dis-organizer & Thief! Political Hoax.

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JGalt - September 10, 2012, 6:47 am
WTFO - September 9, 2012, 11:38 pm
actions. I'll repeat myself. The bad conduct of others does not excuse this admin. It needs to stop, period, regardless of who's doing it. I stand on principle, not party. Lastly, thanks for actually posting a position this time vs snide comments.
WTFO - September 9, 2012, 11:37 pm
the evil guy who won't help the poor? That doesn't logically follow if you're honest with yourself. & 4) you agreed with the stimulus cronyism, good. But your mitigation is a logic fallacy. You pointed to the other side in a vain attempt to justify his
WTFO - September 9, 2012, 11:35 pm
the far lefts manifestation of their hate/envy of those who succeed. It's a distraction from Obama's record and another sign of the class warfare strategy of Obama. How about Romney's charitible givings of 16% compared to Obama's 1%? Yet, somehow Mitt is
WTFO - September 9, 2012, 11:32 pm
about his birth certificate! His transparency fails on the important things (FOIA, whistleblower prosecutions, etc): http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0312/73606.html. The Romney tax returns are a joke. There is no need to release more, this effort is
WTFO - September 9, 2012, 11:28 pm
before he even read the language of the bills). The POTUS has demonized the other side, ignored them, lied about them and the media supports that narrative. The POTUS has the lion's share of responsibility. It comes with the job. 3) again, I don't care
WTFO - September 9, 2012, 11:26 pm
because Obama didn't need them due to super majorities in Congress. after 2010 elections, multiple house bills that were passed (by both Dems and Reps) were never brought to the Senate floor by Reid and they were threatened with veto by the POTUS (this
WTFO - September 9, 2012, 11:25 pm
try to discount Reps role in bipartisanship. However, the POTUS is supposed to lead and has failed. He has repeatedly pointed the finger to the other side and hidden his attacks. Reps were completely ignored during the obamacare. Their inputs were ignored
WTFO - September 9, 2012, 11:23 pm
Moreso than normal. I appreciate it. I certainly don't agree though. So let's go thru it: 1. GDP doesn't matter to 14.7% unemployed (U-6 rating). The GDP being up displays the cronyism, because he bailed out the 'fat cats' as he called them. 2) I didn't
crankyhead - September 9, 2012, 11:05 pm
...politicians, that's what they do. They eat pie. Again, we can't exonerate republicans from getting theirs either. Was this direct and factual enough?
Bull - September 9, 2012, 11:04 pm
I will agree with you about the lobbyists, the cronyism, and the transparency, though. 100%
crankyhead - September 9, 2012, 11:04 pm
...we're left having to decide which metric to use. Does a POTUS have no right to privacy at all? How do you feel about the Romney tax returns? You know what I mean? Stimulus... fine. Lots of politicians got their piece of the pie. They're...
Bull - September 9, 2012, 11:02 pm
yeah but come on, it's kinda hard to be bipartisan when everyone on the other side takes a pledge not to work with you. I can't agree that the unemployment and debt is totally his fault either. I'd say 40% and that's pushing it. However ... cont.
crankyhead - September 9, 2012, 11:02 pm
... fair share of the responsibility. All we need to do is look to McConnells now infamous quote. Transparency? I dunno. He provided both the short form and long form birth certificates to the public, even though he wasn't required to by law. Again...
GrouchoMarxist - September 9, 2012, 11:01 pm
I'm beginning to think that I agrre with crank.... He must be pushing 80 himself...
crankyhead - September 9, 2012, 10:59 pm
You're right, unemployment is up. But you know what else is up? The GDP. So is the DJIA. So really, it depends on which metric you choose to judge him on. Obviously, when it comes to bipartisanship, one cannot exonerate republicans from their...
GrouchoMarxist - September 9, 2012, 10:48 pm
It's quite fun watching Joe Biden
WTFO - September 9, 2012, 10:42 pm
than any I can remember), preventing lobbyist influence (his cronies got stimulus money), there's more, but I've made my point (even though your arrogance/insecurity will prevent you from admitting it). Go on, enter your response to divert attention away.
WTFO - September 9, 2012, 10:39 pm
As far as what part of this admin's been a hoax: His promises. He ran on: hope (unemployment's up), bipartisanship (he is the most devisive in recent history), lowering the debt (raised it more than any other POTUS), transparency (he's more closed off...
WTFO - September 9, 2012, 10:37 pm
with facts. Most understand that people who act smug & superior to others are only covering up their own inadequacies. (like a bully). Here, read for yourself: http://www.itstime.com/mar99.htm. We see your arrogance for what it is. It's just who you are.
WTFO - September 9, 2012, 10:32 pm
1st, I can "simply leave that comment hanging" if I choose. However, I can say that I believe you are insecure about your positions since you resort to logic fallicies, ridicule, arrogance, slander and other tactics instead of supporting you positions...
crankyhead - September 8, 2012, 9:04 pm
If you're unable, or unwilling to quantify my alleged insecurities, then perhaps you'd like to define what part of the Obama presidency has been a hoax?
crankyhead - September 8, 2012, 8:59 pm
You can't simply leave that comment hanging out there without extrapolating on it's meaning, WTFO. What, pray tell, IYO, am I supposedly insecure about?
WTFO - September 8, 2012, 8:56 pm
Of course, nobody can disagree with your side without being senile or stupid, right? Your arrogance just covers insecurity IMO.
GrouchoMarxist - September 8, 2012, 2:50 pm
He really kicked b*** and took names... I heard dems were throwing chairs...
crankyhead - September 8, 2012, 2:48 pm
Nothing sadder in this life than watching old men lose their minds.

OBAMA: MAKING AL CAPONE - look like a Saint!

FREE MARKETS EQUALS FREE PEOPLE - Free Markets, Not Free Loaders. Free the Market! Legalize The Free Market. There is No Free Country Without a Free Economy. Capitalism is Freedom, Socialism is Slavery!

LINCOLN FREED THE SLAVES - Obama Has Enslaved The Free. Socialism is the Equality of Slavery.



OBAMA VOTERS SHOULD PAY - the higher taxes! If you voted for Obama, you owe me a future.

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Rating: 4.6/5

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SethMythrax - September 7, 2012, 1:51 am
The foundations were built by many long before we even though of doing a business, besides, that comment was about the infrastructure but as usual the retards blew it up into more than it was. One needs to listen to the whole speech, not just 1 sentence


OBAMA: SOFT ON TERRORISTS, - Hard on Capitalists. Bush worried our enemies. Obama AMUSES Them! Obama: Making the world safe for terrorists. Get Rid of B.O. in 2012

THE ONLY PERSON - ENTITLED to my money is my wife! Contrary To Belief: Nobody Owes You Anything!

2012: SHIFT HAPPENS - 2012: The End of an ERROR. WITH THE END OF AN ERROR Comes a New Beginning!



TOLERATING TERRORISM - is not the answer. Anti-War = Pro-Terrorism

OBAMA HATES AMERICA. PERIOD - Barack Obama: An Anti-American President. Change His Address 2012. Hank Williams Jr.: Obama Is 'A Muslim President Who Hates Farming, Hates The Military, Hates The U.S. And We Hate Him'

NOBAMA 2012 - No Mas, No More, No Way, No How, No Thanks, Nope.

OBAMA . . . AN EMPTY CHAIR - Obama Presidency . . . an empty chair

1911 - When 9-1-1 just isn't enough!

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deathorfire1 - July 15, 2013, 5:33 pm
True but a sh**gun works better.

OBAMA: EMPTY RHETORIC - Talk is cheap. Empty rhetoric. Talk Is Cheap and he's FULL OF IT. Only Rhetoric, No Responsibility. WE NEED SOLUTIONS NOT RHETORIC! NOBAMA 2012

WONDERING HOW - we got to this point? - search - COMMUNITY REINVESTMENT ACT

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foxrecon19d - September 8, 2012, 8:31 pm
Really like this. Wish this could have been bigger and had a bit more brevity. It would hit a lot harder. I.e. why hit a T55 with 100 rounds of 20 mikemike when you can completely blow it away with one 120 mikemike? Hit hard with one punch... Just saying

HOPIUM: JUST SAY "NO" - Socialism: the utopia of the underachiever. Obama: the opiate of the masses. Say NOPE to the HOPE DOPE. 2012: VOTE NOPE! End DOPE-a-HOPE!

OBAMA: POLITICAL HOAX - Obama: Loser. Epic Fool. The Show Ends in 2012. God Bless America! FOOL you TWICE, SHAME on YOU. NO MORE FOOLS ! NO12

JUST GIVE OBAMA TIME, - 25 to life seems fair.


NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO! - It's All Bush's Fault! REMEMBER?

" CHANGED " - Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.Abe Lincoln

CAN WE JUST GIVE THIS BACK - to Mexico, please? Democrats = California Ruin. CA Ruin --> Democrats. Big Government is the Problem. Socialism is Not the Answer. Stop BIG Government

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GrouchoMarxist - September 5, 2012, 12:18 am
They already tried....
Bull - September 4, 2012, 10:51 pm
If you gave them California you know they'd want Texas too. Imagine Texans being referred to as Mexicans .....
vbattaile - September 4, 2012, 10:07 pm
Imagine No Liberals........
JGalt - September 4, 2012, 9:50 pm
can't give it back unless Democrats are part of the deal. Then NY too?

THERE'S NO HOPE WITH DOPE - Obama: Dope. Because not all change is good. We got No Hope and No Change. NOBAMA 2012

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vbattaile - September 5, 2012, 8:08 pm
Let the votes and voters decide.................
Reality Lord - September 5, 2012, 7:43 pm

how is anything you added to the original poster making it better. boring as **** crap.

YES WE CHAIR - Obama . . . an empty chair. Say NOPE to the HOPE DOPE

OBAMANOMICS: EPIC FAIL - Obamanomics Is Indentured Servitude By Design. No More Obamanomics!

ABRAHAM LINCOLN - He was a man of his time, which incidentally makes him a racist.

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Cannabal - April 8, 2013, 11:33 pm
It's nice to get some appreciation every once in a while.
Curlyrocks - April 8, 2013, 10:17 pm
Good job you beat me to it. I love dumping all over other peoples hero's.

OBAMACARE: IT'S TO DIE FOR - ObamaCare: The efficiency of the DMV, the compassion of the IRS. All Those In Favor Of Obama Being Your Doctor, RAISE YOUR HAND

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starryeyedguy - September 6, 2012, 10:14 am
I work in a hospital. Patient appointment blocks are strictly enforced so each patient receives the same quality of care. That doesn't change because of insurance or lack there of. It only changes with poor hospital management.


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vbattaile - September 4, 2012, 7:58 pm
Carter lost Iran to the Muslim radicals. Obama (Carter 2.0), a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, has lost a lot more to the jihadists
SethMythrax - September 4, 2012, 8:04 am
How much more can Obama support the Zionists? He never stoped supporting them unless you are whining because he said something the Zionists didnt like about the Palestinians...

" PLAYBOY PLAYMATE MISS OCTOBER 2011 AMANDA CERNY TEBOWING " - "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms,it will be because we destroyed ourselves. ~ A. Lincoln.

THESE CHAMPIONS OF LIBERTY REALIZED THAT FREEDOM - is like an onion: a layered union that, if stripped away, is certainly a crying matter.

THE HEART OF REPUBLICAN IDEOLOGY: - "THE DIGNITY AND RIGHTS OF LABOR". Democrats are the party of Wall Street and large corporate money

2012: VOTE NOPE! - End DOPE-a-HOPE!

HEY! - That is something a Liberal would say. Commie!

WHAT IS THE LARGEST PARASITE - that lives on you?

"GIVE US A PROTECTIVE TARIFF, - and we will have the greatest country on earth." A. LINCOLN (Republican)

CHANGE CAN BE BAD - Obama: O-So Bad. Change We Can't Believe In. NObama 2012

SOCIALISM IS SLAVERY. VOTE REPUBLICAN - Capitalism is Freedom! Liberalism Is Legalized Slavery. The goal of Liberalism is to Attack those who defend freedom. Resist Socialism, Defend Freedom, Defeat Obama. Fight Racism, Vote Republican

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terroraustralis - September 7, 2012, 6:16 am
unfortunately not everyone accepts things that are merely repeated. we call these people liberals. but nothing beats vitriolic slogans for creating a facist corporate controlled superstate.
terroraustralis - September 7, 2012, 6:13 am
you dont need to make sense, or have arguments, if you repeat the lie often enough it becomes truth - adolf hitler nice to see you remember SOME history.

A GOVERNMENT BIG ENOUGH - to give you everything has probably borrowed you into bankruptcy...

OK! OK! JOKE'S OVER! - Bring Back Bush!

MOST OF OUR FINEST PRESIDENTS HAVE COME - from the Republican party, including the finest ever, President Lincoln.

I KNOW THAT'S RIGHT! - 1863- Abraham Lincoln & Fredrick Douglass were two great Democrats. Wrong!

Debunking Myths II -

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA - If republicans abolished slavery, why is obama a democrat?

OBAMA : " THE IRANIAN GOVERNMENT IS NOT TAKING ITS INTERNATIONAL OBLIGATIONS SERIOUSLY " - Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. ~ Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

READ THE BILL ON CAPITOL HILL - Next Time Read the Bill Before You Sign It. CONGRESS: Read the Bills BEFORE You Sign!

THE GREAT EMANCIPATOR - a firm believer in the policy of protection to American labor & industry

MY PAYCHECK AFTER TAXES - Born Free. . . . .Taxed to Death. If you're not outraged, you're not paying taxes. Vote Tea Party 2012. No New Taxes. America Needs New Taxpayers, Not New Taxes

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SethMythrax - September 7, 2012, 1:54 am
If the Republicans get in, I hear they want to eliminate minimum wage. That would suck for many, but who cares as long as the Rich make coin, the people can eat from their crumbs. Afterall, they are all about the trickle down effect, are they not?..

CONGRESS IS TOXIC - Congress Fail! Congress is the Opposite of Progress. Recycle Congress. TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS !